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11 Killer Ways to Boost Your Confidence

1. Look good to feel good

Your appearance, clothes, cleanliness, style or lack of not only reflects how you feel about yourself, but also influences how you feel about yourself. If you feel like you don’t look good, it will influence how you interact with others, like a little nagging voice lodged in the back of your subconscious telling you you are presenting an inferior version of yourself to the world. That’s not necessarily true for everyone of course. But if you like the way you look, stay well groomed, wear clean clothes, it will help the way you feel about yourself and thus your confidence.

2. Work out

This one is more important than you might think. Working out makes you feel energized, and confident in your attractiveness. As you get the adrenaline flowing, you will be able to think and speak more clearly too. Working out creates a positive energy for your mind and body.

3. Walk Faster? I say walk slower.

While doing some research for this article, I read somewhere that “people with confidence walk quickly.” However I completely disagree. Walking faster may in fact be an indication that someone is in a hurry, or walking with a purpose (which is great) as they have somewhere to go, and important things to do, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate confidence. On the other hand, walking slowly doesn’t necessarily indicate lack of purpose, or that you are tired or in pain. I always think people who have control over their lives, are confident and conscious and thus have the luxury of walking slowly. So I recommend walking slightly slower than usual. Because it demonstrates that you are in complete control. Have a slow, loose, upright walk, looking strait ahead as far as you can, not at the ground.

4. Good Posture

People with good posture appear to possess more self confidence, make better impressions on others, have better sex lives, have more financial success, and get much more respect than people with poor posture. Making an effort to maintain good posture, while in class, while on the bus, while having lunch with friends will influence you to feel more enthusiastic about whatever you are doing and you will automatically feel more important and confident.

5. Affirmations

One of the more well known methods to build confidence is to tell yourself positive things about yourself. Such as: “I am confident!” “I am a bold motha fucka!” And this is somewhat helpful for a confidence boost, though I believe the point of positive affirmations is to build the habit being positive about yourself and your life. Many shy people sink into a negativity loop by constantly reminding themselves why they feel inadequate. So start being positive in your self talk. Tell yourself positive things. Avoid being negative, not only about yourself, but the world around you if you can help it. Be positive and use positive language as much as you can, not only with yourself, but everyone.

6. Be grateful

Related to positive affirmations is being grateful. Devote a solid one minute each day to Being grateful for what you have, thinking about your previous successes, current social relationships and everything. This helps you condition your mind to be more positive and thus more motivated to take the next move toward success..

7. Compliment other people

When I was less confident, I criticized other people too much. I was too sensitive to the flaws of others and didn’t appreciate their positive traits and successes enough. When you develop a habit of praising others, making a habit of focusing on what is admirable about someone and delivering sincere compliments will also help you feel better about yourself.

8. Sit in the front row

By sitting in the front row at school, in the office, at events etc. you can overcome any anxiety about being noticed and visible to too many people. People who lack self confidence try to stay in the back to remain unnoticed. Don’t worry about your visibility to others. You are a sociable, confident human being who deserves to be recognized.

9. Contribute to Group Discussions

At school, the office, at a party with a group of people you’ve just met who you feel have incredibly well developed social skills you should indeed speak up and add your voice to the discussion. Many people are afraid of being judged for what they say. I was never afraid of being judged, though I used to suffer from just not knowing what the hell to say. By making an effort to speak up in these situations you will become a more confident public speaker.

10. Anchoring

We all know a person bitten by a dog, monkey, or walrus will likely develop a fear associated with that animal. Likewise, we can associate a positive emotion or mental state, such as confidence and a positive mindset with any stimulus. So when you are in a situation in which you feel confident and bursting with positive energy, do some action that you can associate with that feeling. Such as snapping your fingers, or doing the chicken dance, whatever is comfortable for you. And later, when you are in need of some confidence, do that action again and your mind will be reminded of that positive state that you anchored before.

11. Smile!

Goes along with being positive. Positive, happy people are generally more confident.