Why Manufacturing Jobs Aren’t in the USA Any Longer

Every citizen of the United States should now be aware of the economic status of the country. It has been reported to decline each year, which tolls its effect most significantly to the manufacturing industry. As major companies prefer outsourced labor force, the American work force takes all the suffering. You would not have to take out your scrabble dictionary just to understand these facts.

Many people have experienced lay offs and unemployment this past few years, more than ever. Nowadays, graduating simply from accounting schools should not be a guarantee that you will get a job, you have to be better than that. You will be lucky if you are a masters in project management degree holder because you would have a higher chance of landing a job. Better qualifications should definitely be an advantage because of the fierce competition over the job market. An information technology degree would also be one of those in demand courses because of the continuously improving technology.

Solving the economic problem of the country is not an easy task. It as not as easy as a simple download winzip free icon that you can just click and everything will be alright. It is also a task that should not just be left with the highest ranking politicians in the government; it is a job that should be a responsibility of the whole nation. Just like a metaphor from a Lifecell review which states that, a product should work in unison to be able to holistically solve the cause of the problem. The government and the manufacturing industry should work hand in hand to be able to solve the crisis. You should not give all the responsibility just to a smart pet because every individual has their limitations. The answer to the scarcity of manufacturing jobs is not like an unlock HTC phone, it is a journey that every citizen should take part of. Though these times can be hard for some people, hope should never falter and each person should believe in the capabilities of each other. We must also know that though other companies have taken their resources from cheaper sources, there should always arouse a different opportunity.

The battle with the economic recession that the US is going through right now is a condition that should be dealt with accordingly. It is not a problem solved overnight but with the manufacturing companies working hand in hand with the government and with the cooperation of every concerned citizen in the country, any problem such as this will surely be impenetrable. Putting our trust to ourselves will also be our protection in times like these. Just always remember to work hard and do your best in every job you get, how little or big it might be.