Photos from Tokyo

Some photos I took recently in Tokyo.

the sign says “do not stand in here!”

Jump over the lights!

Look what they will turn this ancient Temple into. Oh Sweet Progress…

I had some good times in Tokyo. To everyone i met there, well i have learned something from you. I’ve tried to be playful,nonreactive, and living in the moment while some people let their perceptions destroy them or realize their potential to be social savantes. You know who you are.

And though some events are so worthy of it, I haven’t yet typed out my adventures in Tokyo for public consumption. I’d love to write more intoxicatingly to get you all drunk off of vicarious nonsense, but i have a feeling I have the potential to do even better. In time of course. Many writers are just incredibly talented. In one of my university English classes, I had to choose a mundane topic, and describe it in a poetic style to attract the reader’s attention. I chose shoelaces. pretty mundane right? but they are a deadly serious expression of who we are in our soles. or something like that. Anyway, Some people can produce attractive writing instantly on any topic. And that’s great. But even though, i haven’t quite yet cultivated the provocative writing style i hope for, I can still cultivate the lifestyle I want to express.

A lifestyle with a few more cliff dives into unknown situations where i don’t care about embarassing myself. And anything that sounds profound or entertaining. Anyway, enjoy these pictures. Most are from Asakusa in Tokyo. The one with Shohei dueling a samurai uniform is from an Izakaya in Shinjuku. I have a lot of pictures from all over the place to put up. And go ahead and view the entire photo gallery