Maximizing Your Maldives Trip

Offering gorgeous scenery and balmy climes, the Maldives is a fantastic destination for a romantic break – or even your honeymoon. An archipelago of around 1,000 islands (across 26 atolls) in the Indian Ocean, the destination is also well known for its luxurious hotels. So, you’ve got all the basic ingredients of a brilliant romantic getaway – how do you make the most of it?

Choose your resort carefully

It may sound a tad obvious, but your accommodation will set the tone for your break, so it’s well worth taking the time to find something you and your partner both like the look of. There are plenty of fantastic resorts in the Maldives, so this shouldn’t be too difficult, but bear in mind there are some that cater to couples better than others.


Among them is LUX* Maldives, which covers the entire island of Dhidhoofinolhu in the South Ari Atoll. What makes this such a good spot for couples is that is has everything you could need, like a spa where you can indulge in relaxing treatments together, water sports (including a dive centre) and a great selection of land sports.

If you’re on your honeymoon, make sure you look out for any extras each resort might send your way (LUX* Maldives, for example, offers a gala dinner and wine) – it could sway your decision, so it’s a handy tiebreaker if you’re torn between two places!

“Maldives map”

Dine out in style

I think having some amazing meals out is an essential ingredient of romantic getaways – and the gorgeous setting of the Maldives really adds to the romantic atmosphere in virtually any eatery. Now, your options will vary depending on which resort you choose, but typically the most luxurious will offer a decent selection of international cuisine.

If you’re spending any time on Male (which you may well do before transferring to your resort by speedboat or seaplane), it’s worth dining out at Aioli. Sleek and sophisticated, this restaurant has a great atmosphere and serves up food from all over the world across its two dining rooms and scenic balcony.

Make the most of the natural environment

One of the best things about any holiday to the Maldives is that its islands are largely unspoilt – something helped by the law that limits each island to having just one resort. So, not only is each place naturally beautiful and well protected, but it is also never crowded.

Each island has fantastic white sand beaches, which will offer plenty of water sports. This means whether you fancy doing nothing more than taking a romantic stroll or you’d rather try something new, it’s easy to do so.

Discover the local marine life

Ok, this is fairly closely tied to the point above, but the Maldives is so famous for its amazing marine life that I think it deserves its own section. Plus, there’s not a lot more romantic than discovering the magic of the world under the sea together – however you decide to do it.

You see, the country might be particularly famous for scuba diving, but there’s plenty more ways to see some spectacular things. The top options (including diving) are:

• Take the Whale Submarine from Male. This isn’t actually a whale-watching trip, it’s a submarine that takes you down to the reef and gives you a chance to see the fish if you don’t fancy getting wet.
• Scuba diving. There’s a dive centre on every island, and some hotels even have their own private reef, so it really couldn’t be simpler to have a go – and the experience is well worth it. If you’re really into diving, take trips out to sites renowned for it, like Banana Reef in the North Male Atoll.
• Snorkel. Don’t fancy diving? Snorkelling’s great fun too, and the top of the reef at Banana Reef is a particularly good place to try it, though you can of course stick to the water at your chosen resort.