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How laws affect economic activity in China

Economic activity in any country is dependent upon a number of different factors. Out of these factors, one of the most important factors is the various different policies that the government adopts pertaining to the growth of the economy.  You see, while economic growth can have immense benefits including a higher standard of living for… Read More »

Chinese Economy

From an economic perspective, China is considered a global superpower and is seen to be the most legitimate threat to unseat the United States as the biggest economy in the world. While the growth wasn’t immediate, China took its time to establish a strong local economy and capitalized heavily on its many competitive advantages before… Read More »

Secret Behind China’s Success

It wasn’t that long ago when China wasn’t considered a world superpower in terms of economic and political might. Over the last 20 years, developments in the mainland led to a significant and impressive growth revolution so much so that economists now expect China to surpass the US economy within the next 15 years. So what… Read More »

Major Causes of Boost up in China’s Economy

The currently observed growth in the Chinese economy, while relatively new in the eyes of some, is a trend that has begun since the launching of the Chinese economic reform agenda in the late 1970s. In its totality, the program is a complex and comprehensive strategy designed to overhaul the stagnating Chinese economy. The massive… Read More »