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Tips for Stopping Discrimination in Japan

Assuming you speak English just because you are not Asian. Why do you assume I speak English? ???????????? Nande eigo o hanasu to omotta? Why do you think all white people speak English? ?????????????????????Nande hakujin minna eigo hanasu to omotteiru no? (I know you don’t mean to be rude but…. ) not all white people… Read More »

Photos from Tokyo

Some photos I took recently in Tokyo. the sign says “do not stand in here!” Jump over the lights! Look what they will turn this ancient Temple into. Oh Sweet Progress… I had some good times in Tokyo. To everyone i met there, well i have learned something from you. I’ve tried to be playful,nonreactive,… Read More »

4 AM in Japan

Hi there audience. Thanks for joining me on this enlightening walk along a street at 2 AM in Kyoto as freezing cold temperatures test our endurance. Our minds half focused on ignoring that intense cold and the other half meditating on the lyrics of the Black Eyed Peas’ Where is the Love before finally arriving… Read More »

Tips for Socializing in Japan

Just a few quick thoughts on socializing in Japan that i have been thinking about lately. Something i have mentioned previously in this blog is that in Japan people don’t self disclose meaningful personal information so easily or quickly. Initial conversations with a person are in fact very light in terms of content rarely involve… Read More »