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Tips for Avoiding Visa Runs in Taiwan

There’s much room for improvement in the world’s processes of acquiring required visas. Why can’t I get a student visa while in Taiwan? And why is it possible to get the visa I need, “visitor visa,” if I were going to work in Taiwan, but not to study. Come on! Students are much less likely… Read More »

Taipei Game Show

Thousands of video game fans and photographers flooded the Taipei World Trade Center yesterday for the opening day of the 2011 Taipei Game Show to see innovations like Kinect for the XBOX 360, and ogle the costumed models who danced onstage and threw promotional gifts into the crowds. A pen from some kind of electronic… Read More »

International Student in Taiwan

Danjiang University is a great university in Taiwan. But i’m still not completely satisfied with my experience Studying Chinese here yet. I really have little to complain about. I’ve made some excellent friends, and my Chinese has been improving dramatically, I just feel like there is room for improvement. Dan Jiang (Tam Kang) University’s main… Read More »