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Unique Architectural Holiday Stays

Why stay in an identikit hotel when you could stay somewhere truly extraordinary on your next trip? A metallic barn balancing in mid-air? A wooden sphere suspended amongst the trees? A crazy Dali-esque tree-like structure? Or perhaps a house without walls, only screens and stained glass windows? You travel the world to discover new, exciting… Read More »

Trip to Guam

Just uploaded photos from my trip to Guam to my photo gallery. I felt like I was still in Japan because everyone there is a Japanese tourist, and a lot of advertising is in Japanese. At least the beaches had clear water and weren’t crowded with people, unlike in Japan. I even got a sunburn.… Read More »

South Korea – The Saga Continues

We planned on going to a night club in Suwon, but on the way a Korean guy tried to get us to go to a “club” he was working for. We said what the hell and sat down at a table there after negotiating the price. The first odd thing i noticed about this place… Read More »

A Stint to South Korea

6 day trip to South Korea was sponsored by Energy Up 6 which kept me alive every day and Korean Soju which nearly killed me each night with its 27% alcohol level. I didn’t sleep at all for the last 3 nights except for one or two occasional hours on a bus or train, but… Read More »