Does China Enforce Marketing Laws?

When you look at products you can get in China they are imitations of some of the branded products you can purchase in the stores, obviously they are considerably cheaper, but how do they do it?

For example, when the iPads first came out you could buy touchscreen tablet PC’s from China at a fraction of the cost, the trick is that these machines arrived without an operating system and you had a choice to load Windows or Linux, but they were not original Apple products, so you didn’t get the advantage of the app store and the many apps available on the iPad.

The same applies to cars; amazingly China makes copies of some of the most popular cars including Jeep Cherokee and the new Mini Cooper. These are almost identical to the original manufactured cars, but are Chinese knock offs.

This brings us to the question in hand, does China enforce marketing laws? No matter how much research you do you cannot find a clear and definite answer to this, even with a masters degree in criminal justice, you may not find the right answer.

Many businesses are now manufacturing in China due to the affordable parts and labor costs, which make it a profitable exercise for many businesses. If you attended one of the top engineering schools you will have no problem finding work in China which manufactures computers, phones and many other products on a daily basis.

The employed staff members in the factories are working for low rates, they don’t get medical aid and work long hours to get the target number of product made. There don’t even seem to be definite labor laws in place in the country, so having manufacturing laws is obviously not a major concern.

Manufacture is a large portion of the country’s income, making up thirty four per cent of the overall income, so it’s no surprise that they are lenient on what is made, sold and exported to other countries. There are even companies who will help you get the products through customs so you can enjoy great products at affordable prices.

The computers you can buy are a fraction of the price and work exactly like the real deals, with internet and no operating systems included. This means you can easily do searches for masters in nursing or mpa programs on the computer and get the results through the normal search engines.

You can buy just about any product in China which is a copy
You can do a simple internet search to find Chinese manufacturers, the same as you would if you were searching for ERP software.
The copy products available are similar to the originals in every way including their energy ratings, where you can save money on your electricity rates.
You don’t need to do a finance mba online program to realize that labor is cheap in China, which enables them to make and sell products at such low prices.

Even with a library science degree online you can see that whatever searches and research you do about manufacturing in China, there doesn’t seem to be any strict laws, enabling them to make any products they wish.