Directing new film in Taiwan

So i should probably mention that I’m working for a newspaper in Taiwan. Directing and editing short videos to help the paper advertise. It’s fun, easy, and enjoyable. It’s an indonesian newspaper. When we published our first edition i got a free trip all over taiwan to deliver them to little indonesian shops all over the island. We went to Taichong, gaoxiong, , xinzhu, yilan, and a few other places. It was a crazy road trip filled with obscenities and crude humor and it was one of my most memorable experiences here in Taiwan. Anyhow, these are some of the videos i’ve produced

China Film

My first film

When my friends and i debuted this movie at our Chinese language school we got a lot of laughs and praise. I know it’s not produced as professionally as possible, and i know our chinese isn’t perfect, but there are some humorous moments in this short film we made for our language class. Most of my friends think the bathroom scene is the funniest. I’d like to add subtitles to translate the dialogue someday but it’s still enjoyable as it is.

We spent less than two weeks filming and editing things, it was difficult at times. And i was annoyed at the occasional technical audio-visual difficulty, but this was just for fun.