Interview with a Korean

“I’m sophomore at university and my major is English.
And about my dream, I wanna teach English and Chinese in the future because I’m pretty much into languages and my dream has always been teaching kids. 🙂 oh and I was in China for over 3 years and I just got back to Korea.”

what is more important to you than anything?

If you were a super hero, what would your super hero name be?
“Hmmmmmm….it’s not easy to answer..maybe Miss Sunday lol??” My super power would be…reading people’s mind and turning into anything or anyone I can be! wish I really could lol

On scale of one to five, how was your first kiss? Five is being amazing. And one being ridiculously terrible.
“It was one Lol”

What’s the worst thing a man could say to you?
“You are so fat! -_-

What do you want to change about the world?
“Hmmm, if I could change about the world, I’d eliminate ‘money’ and then make something like a credit system. The more good things,?like helping the poor, homeless animals or anything) you do the higher your credit level gets and when you buy something, you can use this credit instead of money xD
It’s fair to everyone this way, I think!”

Doesn’t that force people to do good deeds to survive?
“Yeah, but I dont think thats a problem, doing good things can never be bad :3 It might bring about social problems too but the problems wouldnt be as serious as the ones caused by money. This is just what i think =)”

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