Taipei Game Show

Thousands of video game fans and photographers flooded the Taipei World Trade Center yesterday for the opening day of the 2011 Taipei Game Show to see innovations like Kinect for the XBOX 360, and ogle the costumed models who danced onstage and threw promotional gifts into the crowds. A pen from some kind of electronic sports company nearly took my eye out but i happily pocketed it 🙂 , and then a computer game hit my head when i wasn’t looking. Well, i was paying attention to something else 😉

The Taipei Game show will continue until next Tuesday February 2, 2011 at the the Taipei World Trade Center which is near Taipei City Hall MRT station and Taipei 101. The show opens from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. A normal Ticket costs $200 but i had my old student ID so i got the student price of $150.